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Kirby M.

"I've just logged in and I'm already hugely impressed by how much content there is! I love how everything is broken down, day by day for proper progression (other ones I've done are 'do these 8 stretches every day for 30 days).


(Lifetime Access!)

Beginner Handstand Workshop

Learn how to safely cartwheel out while using the wall, so that you can finally ditch the wall and do your first freestanding handstand.

"I've never been so excited to fall out of a handstand. I've always been afraid to cartwheel out! This was my first time without the wall <3"

- Taryn Schmidt

Intermediate Handstand Intensive

Perfect your handstand alignment, understand the mechanics of the tuck and straddle positions, and learn to transition between shapes.

"I finally learned how to avoid the mistakes I was making, which made obtaining a proper form impossible!"

-Margaux Briassiaud

Walkover Workshop

Master your bridge, drop back into a backbend, kick-overs from an elbow stand and a handstand, and of course, your front & back walkovers.

All the warm ups and exercises you provided helped me get much further than I have ever gotten before, and I never expected to be able to actually kick over by myself. I still can't believe I did it!

Renee Cheung

Chair Contortion Routine

With this intermediate level routine you will explore how incorporating a chair will deepen your stretches, intensify your conditioning, and challenge your imagination.

Woah, that chair routine was so much fun! There were so many different ways to use it. I'm definitely going to be doing this routine a few times, and I love that I can literally do it anywhere!

Amanda Jose


Instant access to over 40 follow-along classes updated each month!

Check Out Our Huge Variety of Classes Available:

Hip, Hamstring, & Split Mobility

Lunges, pancakes, and splits are just a few of the things in store for you during this one of a kind flexibility class. Dive deep into the mechanics of hip and hamstring mobility and learn how to engage your core in order to safely increase your end range of motion. After this class, you'll be touching your toes and sliding into your splits with ease.

Beginner Handstands & Presses

This class will focus on alignment, strength, and conditioning in order to make your way into your inversions press. There will be a variety of drills both on and off the wall to help you get there faster and safely, as well as supplemental strength conditioning work.

Every class will include a total body warm-up, strength, + flexibility drills, and conditioning exercises.

Back & Shoulder Flexibility

This class will have you literally bending over backward and seeing the world from a new perspective. Discover unique exercises designed to target the specific cervical, thoracic, and lumbar levels of your spine as well as open your shoulders and hips for a well-rounded and healthy back-bending experience. Modifications, as well as advanced variations of each skill and exercise, will be provided in order to both accommodate and challenge students of all levels.

Rocket Yoga

Rocket Yoga is a mix between Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga that includes dynamic, fast-paced flows, filled with arm balances, inversions, twists, and back-bends. During this class, the teacher will offer modifications for all poses and encourage you to explore the poses while providing a safe environment. Be prepared to sweat and most importantly have fun!

Over Splits and Leg Holds

Want to show off your split flexibility in the air or on the pole? What about hitting that full split in a standing leg hold or during a handstand? Well if so, this class is just for you! Ps. Did you know that over-splits help to improve your backbends as well??

Handstand Conditioning

Get excited for a challenging, but rewarding, full-body conditioning workout targeted towards taking your handstands to the next level. During this class you will develop upper-body and core strength as well as endurance for longer handstand holds. Don't be surprised when you start seeing drastic improvement in your arm balances, forearm stands, and handstands, and are suddenly able to achieve high level skills such as stalder presses and planches!

Contortion Yoga Flow

Energize your day with this wildly popular yoga class that guides you through a seamless flow of yoga postures combined with contortion skills and shapes. This is the perfect supplement to your training where you'll incorporate deep folds, twists, binds, and breath work, resulting in a wonderfully sweaty and empowering experience.

Deep Back-Bends & Contortion Skills

In this intermediate-level class you will work through challenging back, shoulder, and hip openers designed to prepare your body for skills including, bridges, backbends, walkovers, chest stands, scorpion handstands, needles, and much more! Modifications, as well as advanced variations of each skill and exercise, will be provided in order to both accommodate and challenge students of all levels.

Full Body Flexibility Flow

This follow-along class will incorporate stretching, strengthening, and stability exercises in order to safely and effectively increase your overall active and passive flexibility. Explore the joys of movement and self-expression while incorporating your newfound flexibility. Learn how to express yourself through your movements and create flow sequences to music that will bring your skills to life!

Freestanding Handstands

This class is perfect for those who are comfortable kicking up to the wall as well as cartwheeling out, but still working on alignment, longer holds, leg shapes, handstand walks, and jumping to handstand. Limited to 10 participants per class.

Beat Based Conditioning

Get your body moving and your heart pumping during this fun and high-energy workout. Have a blast moving to the beat while strengthening your core and working on that cardio! Finish off with a full-body stretch that will get you feeling ready to take on the day!

Intro to One Handed Handstands

Ready to dive on in to the world of one handed handstands?! You will work on learning how to properly shift from one hand to the other, different shapes, flags and figa. Handstand blocks are required for this class. Limited to 5 participants per class. Approval from Coach Shelly or Coach Artur is required.

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Sarah Krystle

"Ari's Contortion Yoga is a must-do for my Sunday Morning! Ari's classes are the perfect wildcard blend of hand-balancing, back bending, active leg flex, and whole-body balance. Her creative flows encourage you to move seamlessly from one position to another, giving me the transition practice that doesn't happen when training skills in isolation. Attending Ari's classes will teach you to move away from being static in your circus training, give you an endorphin high from the challenge and add a smile to your Sunday!"

Candice is an incredible teacher - she makes the classes fun while still working hard and learning new things. She’s excellent and meeting us at whatever level we are at and modifying what we are doing to ensure everyone gets something out of it. I’ve seen definite progress on my splits whenever I take her class regularly, and I enjoy doing it weekly! Highly recommend her classes!

Mira’s handstand conditioning classes are my favorite! Her programs are dynamic and engaging. She’s able to adapt exercises to meet me where I am without making me feel discouraged. I always leave her classes feeling confident and strong. Best way to end my week!

I get really jazzed about the follow-along classes (splits with Candice, Back bending with Cara, and yoga with Ari to name a few) because it’s a relaxing way to be guided through growing my skills. The coaches put a lot of work into creating versatile and empowering classes and I always look forward to unwinding with these classes.

About a year ago Shelly made her way into my life and I can honestly say that my training and all the progress I've made over the last year is mainly because of that Rockstar of a coach!

Having a good coach to help with whatever your current training goals talk you through and explain, try help fix all the mind blocks and special cues into proper muscle engagement and alignment has made a difference to each every training session. Going into art such as contortion requires technique and a lot of body control! We can't get ourselves to these points but that's why we have shelly!

I was so excited to see my training video from my aerial class today and saw that I had an OVERSPLIT on the fabric. Thanks, Candice for kicking my butt during your splits class!

Love the different transitions and interesting sequences we learned today in the Full-Body Flexibility Class w/ Charis!

I'm really enjoying the beat-based conditioning class as part of my weekly routine. Kielan always keeps it fun and interesting, and I'm totally feeling my core feeling stronger and more stable.

OMG! My heels made touchdown in my chest stand for the first time ever today during

back flex! I never thought I would be able to do that!!

Guess who held their handstand for a full minute tonight?! Boom. Guess all those conditioning classes are starting to pay off!



(Lifetime Access)

Improve Your Splits in 30 Days

Say goodbye to tight hips and hamstrings and finally see huge progress in your flexibility and range of motion!


Combination of active & passive flexibility exercises designed to create stability at your end range of motion.

(So you can show off your newfound flexibility in your next yoga/aerial/pole class)

  • Prevent injury, increase performance longevity, and even reduce lower back pain.
  • Hip and hamstring mobility, splits & over-splits, kicks, leg holds, and so much more!

"I've made more progress in my flexibility over the past 3 months working with FLEX-ED than I have in the 5 years I've been working with other coaches and on my own.

Thank you!!"

Beginner Handstands, Inversions, & Presses

Overcome your fear of falling so you can finally ditch the wall and do your first freestanding handstand!


  • Gain confidence and body awareness while learning headstands, forearm stands, arm balances, and handstands.
  • Explore creating interesting shapes such as straddle, pike, tuck, split, scorpion, etc.
  • Discover new and challenging entries such as jumping or pressing into your inversions.

"I've been training my handstands for YEARS, and was SO FRUSTRATED with the lack of progress I was making. I can't believe the progress I made in just a few DAYS after starting this course. Mind=Blown"

Partner Fitness & Acrobatics

Fun fitness and acrobatic challenges for friends, partners, roomies, or parent/child duos that are a guaranteed good time.


  • Partner lifts and counter balances
  • Learn how to juggle and other fun challenges
  • Tons of partner conditioning and flexibility exercises
  • Learn how to spot your partner in inversions, back-bends, walkovers, and press handstands

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