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"It’s been a wonderful experience for me! I’ve been surprising myself with how much I can do and how quickly I’ve been able to pick things up now that I have all of this! I feel like I’m getting so much out of it and can see and feel myself improving. And I think you’re a wonderful coach - I can tell you really want to help and want to see us succeed, and you make it all fun too!"
Rachel Foley

"I would absolutely recommend taking these courses. I learned a lot of useful tips to get into headstands that I would have considered before, and have greatly improved in just a short couple weeks. What made this course special was the fact you could contact the coach at any time with questions and she was very helpful in answering them."
Rebecca Vargas

"Shelly is an absolutely amazing coach. She is incredibly thorough and precise in her teaching, which is all the qualities I needed to trust her work. She is creative in her methods so it’s never boring, whilst still maintaining the focus and learning. She put together a really clear set of videos and instructions to lay a clean and strong foundation for a long term inversion journey I recommend her courses 100%!" 
Juliana Gonçalves 

"The course is easy to follow, you can do it on your own time but still feel connected to a community that can help you as you progress. The live classes are great to interact with and get feedback so that you can continue to improve. I would 100% recommend this class to anyone looking to learn a handstand!"
Zach Weisenthal