Beta Test

Beginner’s Guide to Inversions: Gaining a New Perspective


This FREE 2- week introductory course (valued at $250), taught by Shelly Airey from ShellyFLEX Athletics, is all about inversions – the building blocks that will prepare you for training your handstand. This course is perfect if you are a beginner looking to take a stab at going upside down, as well as if you are a more experienced student looking to perfect your technique and build a solid foundation for your handstand training.

What makes this course particularly special is not only will you have access to the online course videos that will guide you step by step, but that you will also be automatically invited to a private Facebook Group where Shelly will be hosting live group coaching twice a week, as well as providing you with individualized feedback on your videos when you post in the group.

You must participate to maintain access to the course. To apply: Please click the button below to fill out the application, and you will be notified on 5/16/20 if you have been accepted to participate in the beta test. The course will begin on Monday 5/18/20.

**Please note: Due to Facebook rules and restrictions, participants must be 13yrs or older to apply. If your child is interested in participating in this beta test, you must fill out the application on their behalf, and they may only participate in the Facebook Group and live group coaching through your Facebook account with your supervision.

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