Training With Shelly

Shelly offers many different types of classes to meet your wants and needs! 
All classes are held at 7516 Lindbergh Drive in Gaithersburg MD (20879) 

Interested in hosting Shelly for workshops at your studio? Shelly can teach a variety of workshops
catered to your client’s needs. 

Group Classes

Private/Semi-Private lessons available upon request.

Contortion Classes (adults 18+) (youth 7-12)

Targeted for students interested in developing deeper flexibility and handstand skills

  • legs, hips, back, and shoulder mobility

  • splits and over splits

  • core stability and strength training

  • bridge variations, backbends, and kickovers

  • elbow stands and chest stands

  • standing skills (scorpion, needle, scale, bow and arrow)

Adult Handstands (ages 18+)

Designed for adults interested in safely learning the basic handstand

  • warm up wrists, shoulders, and execute light mobility/flexibility exercises

  • drills and exercises to create stability during inversion

  • ways to safely exit out of a handstand when losing balance

  • headstands and cartwheels

  • controlling the kick up to the wall

  • using the wall as a tool for developing handstand alignment, strength, and balance

  • developing the freestanding handstand

  • assistance in handstands away from the wall

  • additional skills include: press handstands, wall walks, handstand walks, planche,

    handstands on canes, and one-handed handstand drills

    Conditioning and Flexibility (ages 8-18)

    Aimed for students interested in developing their strength and flexibility for skills in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, ice skating, and circus arts

    • legs, hips, back, and shoulder mobility

    • splits and over splits

    • kicks and leg holds: ring, scorpion, needle, arabesque, ponche, tilt, heel stretch,

    • bow and arrow

    • leaps and jumps: split, side, switch, ring, kalipso, stag, double stag sissone, firebird, toe touch, hurdler

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