Training With Shelly

Shelly offers many different types of classes to meet your wants and needs! 
All classes are held at 7516 Lindbergh Drive in Gaithersburg MD (20879) 

Private/Semi-Private lessons available upon request.

Interested in hosting Shelly for workshops at your studio? Shelly can teach a variety of workshops
catered to your client’s needs. 

Group Classes

Contortion Classes (adults 18+) (youth 7-12)

Targeted for students interested in developing deeper flexibility and handstand skills

  • legs, hips, back, and shoulder mobility
  • splits and over splits
  • core stability and strength training
  • bridge variations, backbends, and kickovers
  • elbow stands and chest stands
  • standing skills (scorpion, needle, scale, bow and arrow)

Adult Handstands (ages 18+)

Designed for adults interested in safely learning the basic handstand

  • warm up wrists, shoulders, and execute light mobility/flexibility exercises
  • drills and exercises to create stability during inversion
  • ways to safely exit out of a handstand when losing balance
  • headstands and cartwheels
  • controlling the kick up to the wall
  • using the wall as a tool for developing handstand alignment, strength, and balance
  • developing the freestanding handstand
  • assistance in handstands away from the wall
  • additional skills include: press handstands, wall walks, handstand walks, planche,
    handstands on canes, and one-handed handstand drills

Adult Gymnastics (ages 18+)

Popular with adults interested in developing skills performed in cross-fit

  • handstands
  • handstand push-ups (kipping and strict)
  • handstand walks
  • pull-ups (kipping and strict)
  • toes to bar
  • muscle ups (kipping and strict)
  • pullovers

Conditioning and Flexibility (ages 8-18)

Aimed for students interested in developing their strength and flexibility for skills in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, ice skating, and circus arts

  • legs, hips, back, and shoulder mobility
  • splits and over splits
  • kicks and leg holds: ring, scorpion, needle, arabesque, ponche, tilt, heel stretch,
  • bow and arrow
  • leaps and jumps: split, side, switch, ring, kalipso, stag, double stag sissone, firebird, toe touch, hurdler

Youth Beginner Tumbling (ages 6-9)

Great class for kids interested in developing a solid tumbling foundation

  • focus on form and technique
  • building understanding of core and glute activation for the “hollow body” position
  • forward rolls, cartwheels, backbends, walkovers, round offs, headstands, handstands, back handsprings, aerials, etc.

Adult Mobility (ages 18+)

Geared towards athletes who are interested in developing their flexibility and increasing their range of motion

  • foam rolling and trigger point release
  • core stabilization and posture correction
  • hip, leg, back, and shoulder mobility exercises
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