Flexibility ~ Tumbling/Leaps ~ Handbalancing  


Private and Small Group Training

Shelly teaches individual and small group classes in her studio located in Gaithersburg, MD. This format ensures that she can provide the one-on-one training needed to help her students achieve their goals. 

Flexibility Training

Many of Shelly's students come to her for help in improving their flexibility, an important aspect of many pursuits including dance, gymnastics, cheer-leading, and circus arts.  Using a variety of techniques including, dynamic and static stretching, muscle strengthening, and myofascial and trigger point release, Shelly has the knowledge and experience to help students improve their flexibility safely and effectively.  


Students also come to Shelly to expand their repertoire of basic tumbling skills, such as back and front walk-overs, aerials, handsprings, leaps and other acro skills, as well as to help them improve the form of those skills already obtained.  


With over twenty years of experience in handstand training from a variety of disciplines and techniques, Shelly has the tools to help you learn the art of hand-balancing.  Whether you are learning the basic straight handstand, to working on press handstands or one handed handstands, Shelly has the experience to fit your needs.  Her training in handstands includes artistic gymnastics, contortion, and from workshops and private lessons with professional hand-balancers performing in Cirque Du Soleil and other shows from all over the globe. Drawing from these different techniques and training styles, and from her own personal experiences, Shelly is able to cater to each individuals unique learning style, for mastering the art of hand-balancing.