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Aerial Rigging Requirements:

To rig in your venue, we need a solid attachment point rated at least to 2000 lbs. as well as a ladder, man-lift, catwalk, or another safe method of accessing this point. The height of this point must be at least 16ft. If the height of the attachment point is higher than 30ft, please mention this in your initial contact. Regardless of the listed rating, we will always retain the right to refuse to perform if we do not feel safe and comfortable with the provided rigging point. Inspection of the rigging point prior to the event is suggested in order to avoid any confusion.

For outdoor, or large indoor venues, we can supply freestanding rigging for an additional fee.

The rig requires a 25x25ft unobstructed ground area and 25ft height clearance. The rig does have an option of a lower setup, which requires a 20×20 unobstructed ground area and 17ft height clearance.