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With guidance from my highly skilled, professional coaches, and yours truly, you’ll be unlocking insane skills you never dreamed to be possible.


No matter your age, background, or experience, if you have the drive to push your  athletic potential to insanely shocking levels, my expert team of rockstar coaches  and yours truly will show you how.

Hi, I’m Shelly, CEO of ShellyFLEX Athletics and your new BFF.

Why all the confidence in our newfound friendship? It’s simple…

Because people like you make my world go ‘round.

(And because you need friends who can teach YOU how to do crazy stuff like this…

As a former rhythmic gymnast turned professional circus acrobat, my passion for hand-balancing & contortion is so intense that I HAVE to share it with other crazies (like YOU!) who love to push limits like I do.

For 15+ years, I have shared this passion with students of all ages—including MANY who were never athletic, flexible, or coordinated in their entire lives!

What started as in-person coaching eventually moved online when the pandemic sent everything to a screeeeeeching halt in 2020.


The #1 most comprehensive handstand, flexibility, & contortion coaching program 


Moving my biz online was the best decision I ever made

With the creation of FLEX-ED and its 50+ (& growing!) weekly LIVE classes, I’ve witnessed HUNDREDS of incredible people learn all the skills and tricks that took me half of my life to learn, and in wayyyyy less time!


(Okay, fine. I’ll spill the beans.)

My unique FLEX-ED method combines prescribed, step-by-step video tutorials, with daily LIVE coaching sessions, customized to fit the needs of each individual student. 

 (…PLUS daily access to me, my amazing husband Ryan (our Client Success Manager), and our seriously awesome FLEX-ED community inside our exclusive Facebook group)


Anyone can learn even the most insanely impressive, head-turning, jaw-dropping, batsh*t-crazy skills!

Meet our team

Our Team of Experts

As a competitive athlete with horses for over 30 years, Ari began practicing yoga in 2005 to help oversomce injuries.

Over the years she has trained under countless yoga teachers, becoming certified herself in yoga as well as functional range conditioning.

With a huge love for handstands and backbends, Ari started training with ShellyFLEX in order to pursue the art of contortion and incorporates these newfound skills into her personal practice and teachings.

Ryan Airey has been a personal trainer with ShellyFLEX Athletics for over 5 years, and he loves helping students build strength and develop their cardiovascular endurance in order to reach their fitness goals.

As a volunteer firefighter for over 25 years, Ryan has always valued the importance of physical fitness and nutrition, and he enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge with others.

Ever since he began dating Shelly, Ryan has adapted his conditioning routines to best fit the needs of students looking to strengthen their handstands, stabilize their core, and complement their flexibility training in order to prevent injury.

Aren is a New Zealand Circus Artist specializing in multiple different disciplines including Pole Straps Cyr Wheel and hand-balancing. He started circus when he was 14 and found immediate passion for it and haven't stopped since.

Vera Alvarez, is a Certifiex Experienced Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Rocket Yoga.

In 2013, Vera embarked on a life changing adventure moving from her busy life in Portugal/Europe to follow her husband to a tropical island in South India/Sri Lanka, leaving behind her career as a financial advisor to become a full time mom, and one year later, yoga teacher.

Learning the practice of yoga from its origin was a privilege that she felt the need to share.

She loves to lead fun and dynamic classes, not only out of her love for movement, but also for her devotion to the mental and spiritual benefits that the practice of yoga creates.

Ahmad Hijazi has been training calisthenics for about 2 years and Hand Balancing for about a year. His story with hand balancing started when he tried and achieved a headstand.

He felt how amazing it was to be upside down and do amzing things while forgetting about everything else that was going on in his life. From there it was a daily journey exploring the amazing world of Inversions.

Ahmad's classes will help you kick up into and hold that handstand while building a strong foundation and the body awareness necessary for transitioning into harder variations of inversions.

Shauna Murphy is a certified and experienced yoga teacher who's constantly sought out a healing path. Her passion for the mind-body connection led her into a career based around holistic health.

Becoming an advocate of mental health after years of being a full-time yoga teacher, Shauna took a step back from teaching and dedicated herself to learning about healing and healthy spaces.

Shauna aims to create safe spaces where students can explore what their practice is capable of. While she is passionate about physically training your body. Shauna is equally as passionate about the need to train the mental and emotional parts of the body.

Ida has a background as a competitive swimmer for more than 10 years, but switched gears as she moved city to start studies at the university. As an adult, she started exploring different training forms such as dancing, climbing and yoga – re-igniting her joy for movement. During the pandemic she spent more and more time on the yoga mat, and also started to teach yoga classes on zoom for her friends. Ida now holds a PhD in Physics and has during her life always enjoyed being a teacher in different settings, whether it be teaching a kid how to swim, a student a physical formula or a friend how to headstand – not much beats seeing a student “get it” for the first time. It was therefore a given do jump on the opportunity to become a teacher for Flex-ED. In her classes she hopes to share her passion to build a strong and capable body that not only can do cool contortion skills – but also will get you through life moving happily and freely.

Hi, I'm Lisa, I have been a student of Flex Ed since 2021 and am so excited to now share my passion of pole dancing with the amazing Flex Ed community! I have a background in physical education and love all things fitness and adventure. I have been pole dancing for about 5+ years and was hooked right away. I love how pole has such a variety of styles, moves, and tricks that there is always a new challenge to get after next and it never feels boring.

Meet our team

Our Team of Experts